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just found out my Sister Oded from a fucking face book post couldn't even message me  fuck 

Some Free Frank Frazetta artbooks form the comic shop last Night…
Just thought you should know and Didn't want you hearing about it on the Street 
Captured Gina Story line is not a good name for a crossover event Needs a proper title something really 90's like the "Bondaged Gina Gambit"  Thoughts?
"Touch that remote and you die! Now that I've got your attention, here's the deal. See those two people? That's Frank, and that's Fay. Strangers when they met, turns out they've got a lot in common. Both died on the same night, both ended up in the same body of water, and both took refuge in the same all-night cafe. Me, I run the place. Name's Blackie. Been here from the beginning. Now, I know I said Frank and Fay were dead, but the cafe needed a new cook and waitress, so it gave them a second chance at life. They do their job, they get to stick around and help unsuspecting customers turn their lives around. 'Course, anything can happen to those who wander in - their worst nightmares, or their forbidden dreams. Yeah, it all happens this little place we call the Nightmare Cafe."
This should be fun For the first handful of people to comment on this Journal I will choose three works from your gallery that I like and share them here.

 first up :iconbethanyhunter:
Why because I like Fallout 
1. Ready for Action by BethanyHunter

Because I think the pic makes  makes Nocturne look cool and Bios are always fun 

2. Nocturne Issue 1 by BethanyHunter
Because I think this is a good ending to the story and the image is just funny plus TITS who doesn't like those?

Mature Content

Bad Dream by BethanyHunter

Number 2

1.Because she reminds me of a good version of Teri

Maniac by tora-no-shi1369

2.because this is just bad ass 
Steampunk- Heroine by tora-no-shi1369

3.Because it reminds me of Road kill form Twisted metal 

Locked and Loaded by tora-no-shi1369

Number 3 My Buddy :iconrighteousboyii:

1. So Has a Rule for myself I decided to nor just pick 3 Lil Gina Pics because I probably could but no I'm limiting myself to one. So I bpicked this one has it still makes me laugh and  I love Lil Gina's scared look 

Mature Content

Gina goes wilde by RighteousBoyII

2.I just find this whole Idea Awesome and Sexie 

Mature Content

Tundra Express by RighteousBoyII

3.Because I'll always been a fan of Chun Li in  bondage 

Mature Content

Chun Li Finished by RighteousBoyII

Yes I say 

What are they both named Gina?

Well internet commenter 

Because When I came up with them I was watching Pete and Pete and I'm not very orignal 

Now here's their tits 

Season 8 Issue 19 - Ronina and Gina by RenderPretendershower commish by Legacy1976 And Don't Come Back! by amazonarrowLil Gina kipnapped by the dark xmas elves by thegagster Gina goes wilde by RighteousBoyII
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A blog I've written www.televisioncrossoverunivers…
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  • Watching: The Running Man
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For the birthday wishes everyone 
So Yay that