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Hm3-beta (2) by Mattkind

Poor Little Rich Girl Prosha Grew up with Parents far interested in being seen  with Child then actually Raising one. Sure Mom and Dad would Show her off to her Rich Friends to show what Nice people they were But then it was up to her room while the Adults Spent the Night   Getting Far to Drunk and sleeping with each other. It wasn't all Bad thou at least they always bought her Dolls. So Many Dolls Her only Friends. Now all Grown up Prosha Spends her Time Shopping with Daddys Money and Partying Until Someone Hires her for a Job. Where She capture anyone you want and turn them into a living Doll  She really likes Dolls after all. And Hey even if she gets Caught Mommy and Daddy will just cover it up after all Having a Super Villain for a Daughter wouldn't be very good for appearances now would it? 

Real Name: Prosha Lin

Current Alias: the Dangerous Doll Diva,Psycho 
Bitch, Oh God Not You 

Relatives: Unidentified Parents 

Base of Operations: Eclipse Towers, Los Santos,San Andreas/Mobile

Legal status American Citizen  With No Criminal Record 

Citizenship: United States 

Martial Status Single 

Occupation villainesses  for Hire 

Gender Female 
a Bio For Prosha Lin  anthoer old OC youy can see her Run in with Captain america…  Her Villain outfit is supposed to make her look like a porcelain doll any way what do you think?
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Submitted on
May 15, 2016
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Mature Content